Welcome to a New Sponsor: The Party Kitchen in Geneva

Tuesday, Jul 14th, 2015 by

I’m so pleased to welcome a new sponsor to Go West Young Mom, and it’s one that has a lot to offer young families – and anyone who likes to cook, or for that matter, get dinner on the table every night!

The owners of The Party Kitchen are Miranda Skonie, left, and Sarah Vogelsinger, right.

The owners of The Party Kitchen are Miranda Skonie, left, and Sarah Vogelsinger, right.


The Party Kitchen in Geneva was opened last year by two friends, Miranda Skonie and Sarah Vogelsinger. Miranda is self-taught baker (with professional experience in aviation and engineering) and Sarah is a former teacher with a nutrition background.


“At The Party Kitchen, we love our customers. We have had such a wonderful time meeting members of the community and we strive to grow and meet whatever needs we can,” says Sarah. “Our customers are our number one priority!”


The Party Kitchen is located in a bright, large space near downtown Geneva, at 415 Stevens Street, and it has a lot to offer:

  • It is a specialty bakery offering cakes, cupcakes and desserts for weddings, birthdays and special events. They make their own tasty fondant!  (“Truthfully, Miranda’s homemade fondant is the reason The Party Kitchen has come to be,” says Sarah. “It’s what started our conversation about going into business. Her cakes look fantastic and taste even better!”)
  • It hosts a wide selection of baking and cooking classes, with fun themes like “New Parent Cooking,” “French Cooking” and “Healthy Eating – Within Reason.”
  • It hosts birthday parties for children. Kids get to decorate a cupcake and learn professional techniques from bakers. There are also options for personalized aprons, surprise activities and photo booths.
  • It offers cooking classes for kids.
  • It hosts “Freezer Meal Batch Cooking” events – either you put together your own party of friends who want to prepare meals in advance, or you join one of The Party Kitchen’s pre-scheduled gatherings.
  • It can be rented as a commercial kitchen, and the space is also suitable for TV production or photo shoots.


I attended one of The Party Kitchen’s “Batch Cooking” classes back in January, and I came home with seven delicious soups and stews. All of the shopping, planning and prep work was done when my group arrived. I had a great time assembling the meals with the ladies I was with (and doing a lot of chatting, too!), and then I stored those meals in the freezer to throw into my crockpot on busy days. It’s a genius and tasty concept!


“We are hoping to carve out our own niche as a custom bakery/cooking school/party site,” says Miranda. “We want to be your go-to bakery for that special cake or dessert, and also the place you can go every now and then for a night out with some friends.”


Ingredients for a batch cooking event at The Party Kitchen.

Ingredients for a batch cooking event at The Party Kitchen.


The Party Kitchen changes its class offerings with the season. The best way to check out what they are currently offering is to give the kitchen a call at 630-520-2284, email Sarah and Miranda at thepartykitchen1@gmail.com or follow the business’ Facebook page.


Here’s what it has coming up for summer 2015:


Seasoning Mixes and Salad Dressings:


Just in time for the height of grilling season, The Party Kitchen invites you to make a variety of seasoning blends to take home, as well as a homemade salad dressing. What better accent to the season’s fresh veggies? (Class offered July 28 at 7 p.m.)


Roasting Veggies:


Fresh vegetables are a wonderful feature of summer, but sometimes the prep can get in the way of using them. In this class you will prep, season, and roast a large batch of vegetables for you to take home. You’ll find that these are super easy to add to just about any dish. (Call for upcoming dates.)


Batch Cooking; The best way to head back to school with less stress!


Come to The Party Kitchen for a two-hour class, bringing only a tote bag for meal transporting at the end of class. They will provide all of the ingredients and packaging materials, and you’ll go home with six or seven meals that each feed an entire family! Join in one of the kitchen’s open sign-up sessions, or get a group of friends together and book your own private event on a day that works for you. (Class offered Aug. 18 at 7 p.m. More dates will be announced.)


If any of the classes or special events The Party Kitchen offers appeal to you, or if you have an idea for a different type of class, I urge you to give Miranda or Sarah a phone call at 630-520-2284 or drop them an email. They are lovely women and mothers who understand how busy family life can be, and they’re eager to provide a valuable service to the Fox Valley area.


In the meantime, please join me in thanking The Party Kitchen for becoming an advertiser here on Go West Young Mom. It’s the support of our sponsor businesses that makes Go West possible.