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Great Parks! Island Park in Geneva

Tuesday, Aug 27th, 2013 by

Island Park in Geneva, Ill., is a wonderful spot for families looking to fish, picnic, play or take a bike ride or stroll along the Fox River. An old playground was replaced in the summer of 2012 while work was also being done to replace the northern footbridge onto the island. The new playground is rated for children ages 5-12, and it does have one high drop-off point. It features a couple of slides, numerous climbing opportunities and a rope structure strung between two sections of the playground. There isn’t a toddler playground, but there are toddler swings and a play “rowboat” for younger kids. This is also a great park if your kid loves trains, since either Metra or freight trains cross the railroad bridge quite often.

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Great Parks! North Aurora Island Park

Friday, Jun 15th, 2012 by

Island Park in North Aurora underwent a major renovation in 2009. It features two shelters, restrooms, a picnic area, trail access and water access. I confess I didn’t check out the restrooms, so I’m not sure if they are just port-a-potties or something more permanent. The playground is extensive and features lots of slides, climbing opportunities, monkeybar-like elements, a teeter-totter, two huge fish sculptures and eight swings, including baby swings. There is also a large sandpit with boulder “outcroppings,” so make sure to bring your sand toys! It’s easy to walk to the riverfront to feed birds, admire nature or skip rocks.

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