Indoor Play: Toddler Time at Sky Zone Trampoline Park in Aurora

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In the latest entry in our “Indoor Play” series, contributor Jaya tells us about her experiences at the “Toddler Time” offered on certain weekday and Saturday mornings at Sky Zone Trampoline Park in Aurora. Toddler Time is designed for children ages 5 and under. Jaya and her family enjoy being active and are always looking for new places to get going and explore!


 at Sky Zone Trampoline Park in Aurora, Ill.

The trampoline court at Sky Zone Trampoline Park in Aurora, Ill.


Q. Name of the indoor play place, address and parking information:


Sky Zone Trampoline Park’s Aurora location is located at 87 Executive Drive on the perimeter ring-road of the Fox Valley Mall in a standalone building. It is near a popular sports bar called “The Foundry.” It is not difficult to find. There are also Sky Zone locations in Elmhurst, Joliet and Orland Park. The Aurora location features plenty of free parking in a large lot just outside the building.


Q. When is it open?


Check the website for general hours, but Sky Zone Toddler Time in Aurora runs years-round: On Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. Sky Zone urges visitors to check the business calendar before heading out, though, since Toddler Time is subject to cancelation, especially during holidays and school breaks. Toddler Time is only for children ages 5 and under.


Q. What is the admission price?


$10 for jump time during Toddler Time; Parents/caregivers jump free with a paid child.

Note: During the first visit, jumpers are required to register and complete a waiver, and purchase “Jump Socks”, which are $2 a pair. Socks are appropriately sized for toddlers, school-age children and adults. Jump-Socks can be re-used when you return another day.


Q. When is the best time to go? When might it be least crowded? 


Toddler Time is specifically reserved for smaller children. We have only attended Toddler Time on Saturdays. It’s definitely the ideal time. However, the place is so large, I don’t see how over-crowding would ever really be an issue during Toddler Time.


It was not crowded on the Saturdays we visited in March, April, and May. There were approximately 12 to 15 children sharing a large trampoline “court,” along with at least one accompanying adult/parent.


The trampoline courts are large and divided into separate rectangular segments (only one person is allowed to jump per segment).  Although they do not open all the courts in the facility during Toddler Time, there are at least a couple open, including some specialized courts such as “SkySlam Basketball Trampoline Court” and the “FoamZone,”  a court with a trampoline and a pit of foam squares into which kids can jump and play.


I think if you visited during a non-Toddler Time, there would certainly be more kids/adults jumping. The rules are clear, however, only one person per ”trampoline square”—this is for safety and also cuts down on overcrowding as well, I think.


The foam zone at Sky Zone Trampoline Park in Aurora, Ill.

The foam zone at Sky Zone Trampoline Park in Aurora, Ill.


Q. Are there public bathrooms? Is there a changing table? Is there a private place to nurse a baby?


Yes, there is a public bathroom with a changing station available. I did not see any private area where you could nurse a baby. You might be able to ask the staff if they would allow you to use the balcony areas reserved for private parties. If a party wasn’t taking place, those areas could offer more privacy.


Q. Can you tell us a bit about your experience? Why you decided to go and what you thought?


We had seen Sky Zone while visiting the mall and were curious. Their website provided great information about the venue, admission prices, and hours.  I really got excited when I saw there was a Toddler Time, especially on the weekend. We made plans to go right away!


Toddler Time is perfect for our son, who is 2 years old. It’s the perfect place where he can run and jump at his own pace. There are other small children with whom to interact and parents/caregivers can participate, too, by jumping alongside their child.


Q. What was your child’s favorite part of the play area? Least favorite?


My toddler absolutely loved SkySlam Basketball Court. He is not able to reach the hoops, but still enjoys trying.


In general, he loves the “open courts” where they often place balls, a very large stuffed bear that kids can jump on and climb, and just running from trampoline segment to the next, bouncing in-between like he is Tigger!


His least favorite is probably the Foam Zone. As a small child, it’s intimidating to jump into a foam pit and realize that you could get buried or even stuck among the foam blocks. Additionally, the only “activity” you can really do there is to jump in, climb out, and jump back in. My toddler found this a little too stifling and structured for his more “free-play” spirit.


The SkySlam Court at Sky Zone Trampoline Park in Aurora, Ill.

The SkySlam Court at Sky Zone Trampoline Park in Aurora, Ill.


Q. What was your favorite part? Least favorite?


As a parent of a young toddler, I enjoy that Sky Zone reserves an hour on Saturday mornings just for young children ages 0-5.  Many other similar venues that feature “toddler-times” are scheduled during the week which doesn’t make them accessible to working families.


My least favorite parts are:

A) Toddler Time on Saturday is just an hour long. To take full advantage of the time, you need to be sure to arrive precisely at 9 a.m. Although they don’t boot you out right at 10 a.m., I think they would ask you to leave soon after Toddler Hour officially ends.


B) Sky Zone is very loud. While I don’t mind the sound of children playing and having a good time, I wish it weren’t mixed with really loud music over the speakers. It sometimes has a “nightclub” feel in terms of the loud music. The music changes quite a bit, too, probably dependent on the preferences of the manager-on-duty that day. One visit, it was house/techno music, another time, it was more classic rock with some heavy metal mixed in. This could be a nuisance for some guests of Sky Zone, although my son didn’t seem to mind!


Q. Is it clean? Was the staff friendly and attentive?


Yes, the place is clean and the staff is friendly although I didn’t interact with them too much. It is mostly staffed by young college-age and twenty-somethings. There is always a staff member assigned to any open trampoline court to look after the safety of jumpers.


Q. Are you allowed to bring in outside food and drink? Is there a designated snack area? Is food sold there?


Outside food and drink are not allowed. There is a concession counter where bottled water, treats, and snacks can be purchased.


Q. What ages do you feel this play area is best for?


Toddler Time is restricted for jumpers from babies through 5 years old. Ideally, it is best for children who are able to walk/run/jump and balance on their own. The mats which surround the trampolines are soft as well. Post and pillars are padded as well.


Q. Is there anything else you’d like to say about your family’s experience?


We have really enjoyed Sky Zone Aurora and are incorporating it into our rotation of family outings. It’s especially nice during the colder months when outdoor play isn’t as accessible. The price of $10 per child for Toddler Time and up to two adults per paid child makes it a great deal for fun and active family entertainment!


Food and drinks can be bought and consumed in this area at Sky Zone Trampoline Park in Aurora, Ill.

Food and drinks can be bought and consumed in this area at Sky Zone Trampoline Park in Aurora, Ill.