The Ice Cream Diaries: Paleteria Rosy in West Chicago

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I love ice cream, which probably doesn’t come as a surprise since I created a feature here called “The Ice Cream Diaries.” And my love of ice cream led to a spot I just have to tell you about!


On Mother’s Day, my family spent a wonderful afternoon at Lilacia Park during its Lilac Time Festival, and then we decided to get some ice cream before heading home. I thought it would be fun to try out a shop we’d never been to before, and with the help of Yelp, my husband found the perfect place: Paleteria Rosy Ice Cream Shop, located at 208 Main Street in downtown West Chicago.



The paletas are kept in a large cooler.

Paleteria Rosy has a wide-ranging menu (more on that in a second) but what sets it apart is its paletas. A “paleta” is a Mexican ice pop, usually made with fresh fruit. Sometimes they feature vegetables like cucumbers, spices like cinnamon and nuts like pecans.


Paletas de aguas are water-and-juice-based pops — they are somewhat similar to a traditional American popsicle; paletas de leche are milk- or cream-based pops and they might remind you more of an ice cream bar. Except both types are fruity and fresh and oh so delicious — and beautiful to look at, too!


The paletas at Rosy’s are kept in a large cooler and don’t have labels. And most of the signs in the store are in Spanish. So we asked a lot of questions of the friendly teenage girl who waited on us before we made our selection. Since it was our first trip, we made very safe choices: I had a strawberry paletas de leche; my daughter tried the bubblegum and my husband vanilla. They were all delicious. Next time, I’m definitely trying something more adventurous – maybe the mango con chile.


Rosy’s also offers ice cream in about 10 typically American flavors. Plus, it has fruit drinks, shakes, coffee drinks, nachos and elotes (Mexican street corn).


Honestly, the menu is more than a bit confusing, and prices are hard to find. But our paletas were only $1.50 each, and the elotes was super cheap, too.




If your family likes fruit and popsicles — or learning about another culinary culture — I think you’d really enjoy a trip to Paleteria Rosy. Plus, if you plan ahead, you can arrange your trip before or after a visit to the West Chicago Public Library, which is less than a five-minute walk away. The library is offering a number of fun-drop-in progarms this summer, including “Move to the Music” on Wednesday nights through July, featuring outdoor activities, sports and tunes on the library’s lawn. Turtle Splash Water Park in West Chicago, while not walkable, is also another great place you could combine with a trip to Paleteria Rosy.


Note that Paleteria Rosy does not seem to have a website, but its Facebook page says its hours are Monday through Sunday, from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. If you want to doublecheck hours before heading out, the shop’s phone number is 630-520-0863.


Here are some more photos from Paleteria Rosy … 















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  1. Christina Mendoza

    I Love Love Love this place! Their bionicos (fruit with cream, honey, and ,yoghurt parfaits and freshly squeezed juices are great and at the cheapest prices I’ve seen in the area. So glad you found this gem!

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