The Ice Cream Diaries: Batavia Creamery

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Here at Go West Young Mom, we love ice cream! Check out our past entries in the “Ice Cream Diaries” for spots your family might want to visit this summer. Today, we take a look at the Batavia Creamery.


Batavia Creamery Exterior
Batavia Creamery is a family-owned ice cream shop in downtown Batavia. It’s located at 4 Island Avenue, in a retail strip on the west bank of the Fox River, just north of where Wilson crosses the river.  It is a perfect stop if you’re spending some time on the Batavia Riverwalk. The shop offers booth seating inside and a number of tables with umbrellas outside.


The flavors at Batavia Creamery


Batavia Creamery offers 44 flavors in the store at any one time and rotates between 100 flavors. In addition to ice cream, the store also has sundaes, shakes, malts, sodas, smoothies, custom-made ice cream cakes and pies! In terms of prices, its “junior single” cone is $2, a regular single cone is $3.24, a small sundae is $3.29 and a 16 oz. shake or malt is $4.99.


The case at Batavia Creamery


The other night we went to dinner at Tusk, a Thai restaurant, and then walked along the river and went and had ice cream. The Batavia Creamery is a perfect place for a treat after dinner or a trip to the park. It was a gorgeous night and the walk along the river was really nice.


They have a variety of ice cream cakes and pies in the freezer to take home.


A variety of flavors at Batavia Creamery


There’s a ton of flavors and my girls had a hard time choosing. The employees were super nice about them wanting to try a lots of different flavors before they decided.


Batavia Creamery also just started carrying vegan flavors of ice cream, so if you’re looking for dairy free ice cream, this is your place!

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  1. channon

    My husband and I headed to Batavia last night to try out this place… so, so good! We also went to Tusk for dinner. Thank you for the recommendation 🙂

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