Great Stops! Deerpath Park in Geneva

Monday, Aug 1st, 2016 by

Our new “Great Stops!” series continues with a trip to Deerpath Park in Geneva. 




I really love this park and it fits perfectly into the “Great Stops” category, a designation we give parks that make for perfect stops or breaks for the kids while you are out running errands. Deerpath Park is located behind the Jewel on Randall Road. I had a hard time finding it because I thought it was in Batavia, but it is actually part of the Geneva Park District.




This is such a perfect stop when you are running errands on Randall Road. Eaglebrook Park is another nice stop around Randall, but I love how small Deerpath Park is.




The park doesn’t have a separate toddler area but everything is pretty small, and my toddler has been able to navigate it well on her own. I’ve never seen the park overly crowded, but there are usually a couple other kids there for my girls to play with.




And my favorite part is that it’s close to the drive thru Dunkin’ Donuts in front of Jewel. I swing by and get an iced coffee and then stop by the park for my girls to play while I enjoy my caffeine before we continue on with our errands!