Great Parks! Breckenridge Park in Aurora

Wednesday, Sep 9th, 2015 by

Name and address/location of the park and what park system it belongs to:

Breckenridge Park is located near Eola, near Breckenridge and Inverness. It is part of the Fox Valley Park District.


Is the parking nearby?
We parked at the Eola Park District building and walked, it was only a few minutes. But when we got over there I noticed there is a separate parking lot specifically for Breckenridge Park.




Can you describe the playground? Anything special it offers?
One of the coolest features of Knoch Park is the climbing loop and spider web structure, and I was surprised to find Breckenridge Park has one too! There’s also a small rock climbing wall, separate toddler section, and a good old fashioned tire swing!


What type of playground surface? Cushion, mulch, sand, etc?




Is there a separate playground for toddlers?
Yes, there’s a smaller little toddler playground.


Is there a paved trail or path good for walking or riding bikes and scooters?
Yes, a beautiful one. We parked at the Eola Park District building and made the walk along the path and passed quite a few joggers and bikers along the way.


What was your child’s favorite part of the park? Least favorite?
They both really loved the tire swing and the climbing loop. Their least favorite part was probably the mulch. We’ve been going to so many parks lately that have rubber cushions and they’ve started complaining when we go to a park with mulch because the pieces get into their sandals.




What was your favorite part? Least favorite?
I really like parks that are close enough to another location to make an extra outing. The Eola Park District building has the Aurora Public Library inside, so Breckenridge Park is a great place to go before or after a stop for story time or just to check out some books. And if one park isn’t enough, the Eola Park District building has a park onsite as well!

It would have been nice if there were bathrooms at the park, but the walk to the park district wasn’t terribly far, though it might be problematic for newly potty trained kids.


Does it seem like a park that might be especially crowded at certain times of day?
I don’t think so, it’s pretty tucked away and a nice size.


Are there public bathrooms? Is it indoor plumbing or a port-a-potty? Is there a changing table if it is inside a building?
There is not a bathroom at the park itself, but the Eola Park District building is less than a five-minute walk away and has plenty of bathrooms.


Is there shade over the playground? Is there shade for a picnic?
Yes, there are quite a few larger trees that provide some nice shade and would be great for a picnic.
There are a few smaller picnic tables, but they are not covered.


What ages to you feel this park is best for?
I don’t think this park is great for babies or young toddlers. There is a separate smaller area, but it’s still on the bigger side and little toddlers might have a hard time. Also, the only swing is the tire swing, there isn’t a baby swing. But my 2 year old loved it, and I think most kids could find something here that would appeal to them!




Can you describe your family’s experience a bit?
We were going to a program at the Eola branch of the Aurora Public Library and got there early. We usually go to the park at the Eola building, which is nice but it also gets crowded, especially when there is preschool or other camps around. I knew there was a park down the path so we took a walk to find it.


Breckenridge Park is really nice and quiet, but has a lot of fun and unique pieces of equipment. My older daughter had never seen a tire swing before and absolutely loved it. The close proximity to the Eola library branch makes this a great park to stop at for a really easy outing!