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Some evening, I will likely tell my husband I’m going to meet a girlfriend for a movie and instead head to the Batavia Public Library and curl up on one of its window seats with a classic novel.

Actually, my husband wouldn’t care in the least if I told him I was heading to a library to read for a solo “girl’s night out.” But you get the idea.

The Batavia Public Library is located in downtown in a beautiful, huge building (54,000 square feet) opened in 2002. But it has all sorts of benches, window seats and comfy chairs where you can get cozy and enjoy a good book. And you can get absolutely toasty in the gorgeous Library Leaders Reading Room, which has a fireplace.

The "Reading Cottage" in the Batavia Public Library. Photo by Tara Burghart.

The “Reading Cottage” in the Batavia Public Library. Photo by Tara Burghart.

But perhaps the absolutely best place to read is reserved for the small fry. “The Reading Cottage” is a wooden playhouse located in the Youth Services department, and it has a tiny couch and two chairs inside. I would have loved to have a place like that in my library as a kid, and my daughter loves it now. She’s one of those children who hardly ever stop moving, but when we visit the Batavia library, she is quite content hanging out in the Reading Cottage, paging through books by herself or with a new friend she’s just made. Sometimes I even get to relax on the nearby catch and read a book of my own!

The Youth Services department also had a great selection of puzzles, games and toys for kids to play with, and lots of room for them to spread out.  In fact, some of our most successful playdates have been at the Batavia Public Library!

The library has a café, called the 10 South Coffee House, right off the main entrance that serves smoothies, sandwich, salads, soups, bakery items and snacks. It also has a meeting room, a conference room and a number of study rooms that can be reserved by groups or individuals. Free Wi-Fi is available, too.

The Batavia library offers a number of events that are open to those who don’t live in the library’s district. For children and families, those include weekly “Family Storytimes,” “Chess Knights” and various drop-in storytimes, movie showings and crafting events. Check the Go West calendar or the library calendar for details.

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