Giveaway: Win Four Tickets to Day Out With Thomas in Union

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Updated on June 30 at 12:40 p.m.: Congrats to Rebecca, who said her kids “love the Choo Choos.” She’s the winner of our Thomas the Train giveaway. Thanks to everyone who participated! 


Do you have a train fan in your house – particularly a “Thomas” fan?


I have four tickets to give away to “Day Out With Thomas: The Friendship Tour 2017” good for the afternoon of Saturday, July 8, or Sunday, July 9. I’ll tell you how you can enter in a few moments, but first, some basics …


Photo courtesy of Day Out With Thomas.

Day Out With Thomas is a special event held at railway museums, historical parks and other sites around the country. In Illinois, it’s being held July 8-9 and July 15-16 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Illinois Railway Museum in Union, about 30 miles northwest of Geneva.


Tickets are available by calling Ticketweb toll-free 866-468-7630, or by visiting or The ticket price is $21, and it costs an extra $10 to ride on Percy. All riders of the train with Thomas the Tank Engine who have passed their second birthday must have a ticket. Fair-style food, snacks and beverages are available to purchase around the museum grounds.


Activities during the Day Out With Thomas event include:

  • A 20-minute (approximate) ride with Thomas
  • A 20-minute rid with Percy (additional ticket required)
  • Photo opportunity with talking Percy engine
  • Meet Sir Topham Hatt, Controller of the Railway
  • Clowns
  • Magic shows
  • Garden model railroad display
  • Storytelling, video viewing, live music, playtable and temporary tattoos

The tickets I have to give away are for Saturday, July 8, or Sunday, July 9 after 2 p.m. and are to picked up by will call. Rides for winners are on Thomas only. Please note, the actual departure time will be assigned by railroad once winner’s name is provided. No other date/time requests will be able to be accommodated, and tickets are not transferrable. Photo ID is required to pick up tickets. Must be 18 and a resident of the United States to enter. Only one entry per person.


To enter this giveaway, you just have to answer the following question: What do your kids like most about Thomas the Train and his friends? Remember to leave your email so we can contact you if you win. The winning comment will be picked using


Giveaway starts now and will end at 3 p.m. Central on Friday, June 30. Winning reader must respond to an email alerting her by noon central time on Monday July 3, in order to collect tickets.


Remember, just answer the question: What do your kids like most about Thomas the Train and his friends in the comments section to enter this giveaway. Leave your email address … and toot, toot!

57 thoughts on “Giveaway: Win Four Tickets to Day Out With Thomas in Union

  1. Erica Kowalski

    I love the lessons that are imbedded into each episode. My son is just obsessed with trains but he too gets the lessons. He’ll bring it up at random times and it’s just awesome!

  2. Ashley Murtaugh

    They love that there is a variety of friends and they all have a fun time together!

  3. Maureen Cross

    Our little one likes to postpone his naptime so he can watch “one more episode.”

  4. Andrea Surdenik

    My son loves signing along to Thomas songs and pretending he’s a train. 🙂

  5. Courtney Mainka

    My son loves that they talk to each other and are friends. He plays with Thomas and friends all the time on his Thomas track carpet and tracks.

  6. Sarah johnston

    My kids love how Thomas and his friends all work together to solve a problem. And how each friend has a different skill.

  7. Stephany Alexander

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! My kiddos love trains in general and love Thomas and friends for all the adventures they go on together.

  8. Joanna Rose

    The lessons they learn as they go about their daily lives and adventures. We sure do appreciate the chance to win!! We love Thomas and his friends.

  9. Danielle S

    He loves trains in general. So whether it’s watchingcthe show or playing with the actual trains… he can’t get enough.

  10. Samantha

    My little one loves the colors of the trains and how their faces. Thinks itd hilarious that they talk.

  11. Angela Croley

    My sons get excited time we see a Railroad crossing, and are always asking to ride a train. They would feel like characters in the tv show if they could actually ride on Thomas!

  12. Yini Lui

    The kids love Thomas and his friends’ adventures, especially with appearances from the helicopter and bus.

  13. Lynne Rauser

    He loves the non-animated clips where they talk about real trains and he gets to learn about them!

  14. Becky

    My 3 yr old son loves the wheels and whistle and he loves that they all have names, like Thomas! 🙂

  15. Meg Sheehan

    My son is 5 and still loves Thomas, he can name all the trains and gets excited whenever he sees another kid with a Thomas shirt.

  16. Verna Reyes

    My son loves the collection and the lesson he learns from the Thomas the train episodes.

  17. Claudia Uysaloglu

    My children truly enjoy how Thomas portrays the meaning of friendship and everyday lessons as a foundation for developing character and problem solving skills. Of course the love of trains for my kids is a huge highlight!

  18. Jacki Bish

    My son loves the music and dances whenever there’s a song. He also of course loves the fact that they are trains!

  19. Katie Cheney

    My son loves to sit and watch Thomas and his friends. He says he loves Thomas ❤️

  20. Crystal Dixon

    My son thinks Thomas and friends is cool just because they are “ChooChoo’s”.

  21. Julia P

    My kids have always loved trains so talking, singing trains have been top on their list for years!

  22. Jennifer

    My three year old loves Thomas and reading all his books! Also in love with all trains!

  23. Lucia

    My son loves connecting all the trains to make a long one and pulls it around saying “hoo hoo”
    Also loves watching Thomas on TV

  24. kathy miller

    my daughter loves Thomas and Percy – she says they make her laugh and she loves them because they are best friends… she’s 3yrs old.

  25. Cynthia

    My kids love how Thomas and his friends work together, show kindness, and learn from their mistakes 🙂


    My son loves to put on train shows for the family pretending he is the Thomas characters.

  27. Anna B

    My little guy likes the Choo Choo noise and will quiet everyone with a “shush” when he hears a train. He loves to announce “All Aboard!”

  28. Lara R

    My 4 year old loves Thomas & Friends and has battles between his Thomas and Chuggington toys – Thomas always wins. We’d love to go see Thomas in person for his birthday on the 9th!

  29. Sara Wynn

    My son loves how fast the trains can go but he also is so interested in the jobs they will get to do and when something doesn’t go right he is hanging on to see how they will fix/get out/make right the situations they can into.
    He also loves the music and sings, dances along.

  30. Anita Pennington

    My son and daughter love how compassionate Thomas the train is to others, the lessons learned with each story, the colors, and the music.

  31. Melissa Strom

    I spoke with my 3 year old about your question. I mentioned that Thomas teaches us about friendship and loyalty and strength. I asked her what she likes most about Thomas. She said “He’s always happy. I like to be happy and make others happy too.” “He teaches us patience too.” When I asked her why patience she said, “Because he always has to share his tracks.” 🙂

  32. Robin

    My kids love the fact that all of the engines on Sodor are different (color, speed, personality). They also love to sing the Thomas theme song.

  33. Patricia B

    He loves his Thomas wooden railway trains, tracks and bridges. Thomas and his friends have adventures. Railroad crossings (Thomas set and real) are a favorite way to see and enjoy trains!

  34. Jessica Lewis

    The music and the whistle of the train are the favorites in our house! Anything we can dance to is always a bonus!

  35. Esperanza Balquiedra

    My son loves everything about trains! He especially loves Thomas Wooden Railway and trackmaster to re-create his favorite episodes.

  36. Laura Vasudeva

    My daughter loves Thomas and friends because they are all so different in there own special way just like her and her friends!

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