DuPage Children’s Museum in Naperville Re-Imagined

Saturday, Sep 19th, 2015 by

After being closed for almost nine months, the DuPage Children’s Museum in Naperville finally reopened its doors on Saturday, Sept. 19. The DCM is one of my daughter’s favorite places and has been since she was a baby. The newly reopened museum kept so many of her favorite exhibits, but it also added a lot of great new features, too.


Note that if you were a member, your membership will be extended to cover the amount of time the museum was closed. Here’s a chart to show you your new expiration date. I got to visit on Friday for a member’s event, a day before it officially opened to the public, and here are my initial impressions and a number of photos:




The biggest changes are in the “Creativity Connection” area on the first floor. Everything is much more open than before and there are a lot of new exhibits.




The fish are still here, much to the delight of both of my daughters. But they’ve been moved as a wall in between the Creativity Connection area and the Young Explorers area. There is also a fun little reading nook.




The Young Explorers area also got an upgrade and has this fun little bunk bed, monkey bars feature. There were a lot of older children climbing on it and I suspect it will be difficult to keep this room exclusively for the younger toddlers and babies it’s intended for.




There are a lot of opportunities to play with light and shadows in the Creativity Connection area, like this light table that projects the shadows onto a screen.




This screen was a really neat new addition, the drops of color can be interacted with and “caught” on screen.




There are a bunch of new light tables around the area with various transparent colored blocks to play with. The “Magna-Tiles” table wraps around and even has steps down so taller kids can play on the inside of the ring.




This is one of two new sitting rooms I noticed downstairs. There has always been a little nursing area upstairs, but now there are two extremely comfy looking rooms downstairs with couches and doors that can be closed.




The art room is going to be open longer hours and also has a new little area with dress up items and a lot more tables and sitting areas.


The water area is set to be completed Spring 2016 and they planned on having a temporary exhibit up with smaller water tables, but during my visit, the whole area was blocked off and people were mopping up water. I’m not sure when or if the temporary tables will be back.




The upstairs hasn’t changed too much, but this shape climbing structure is new and a big favorite with a lot of the bigger kids.




Once you get a chance to visit the DuPage Children’s Museum, let us know what you think!