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Keeping Families West of Chicago in the Loop

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Keeping Families West of Chicago in the Loop

The Party Kitchen

415 Stevens Street, Geneva




Have your next birthday party at The Party Kitchen! Each option involves preparing delicious food in our state-of-the-art commercial kitchen and sharing the end products with your family and friends. Leave the set up and clean up to us! We promise a birthday party full of great memories. We will do what we can to accommodate food allergies, as we understand how serious these can be. Give us a call at (630) 520-2284 or send us a message  to plan your party experience today! $75 deposit required to lock in date.


Available Party Themes Include:

  • Double the Fun (Guests decorate two cupcakes using two different styles and mediums; one to enjoy during the party and one to take home!)
  • Paramount (Includes activities and games and there is an option to create personalized aprons)
  • Baking from Scratch (Measuring, mixing and blending is just some of the fun)
  • Chopped! (For fans of the Food Network, this one is for those 10 and over)

Do you have a reason to celebrate other than a birthday? Any of these options can be made into a special event for any reason. Going away parties, showers, bachelorette events, if you have a reason to get a group together we will make it happen!